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Gültig ab 24. Mai 2019 bis 30. Juni 2019

FT-3DE 5W C4FM/FM 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver

  • Supplied Accessories:
    • Antenna
    • 7.2 V 2,200 mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack (SBR-14LI)
    • Battery Charger (SAD-25)
    • Belt Clip (SHB-13)
    • USB Cable
    • Operating Manual
  • A(Main) Band RX
    • 0.5 - 1.8MHz (AM Broadcast)
    • 1.8 - 30MHz (SW Band)
    • 30 - 88MHz (50MHz HAM)
    • 88 - 108MHz (FM Broadcast)
    • 108 - 137MHz (Air Band)
    • 137 - 174MHz (144MHz HAM)
    • 174 - 222MHz (VHF TV)
    • 222 - 420MHz (GEN1)
    • 420 - 470MHz (430MHz HAM)
    • 470 - 800MHz (UHF Band)
    • 800 - 999.90MHz (GEN2)
  • B(Sub) Band RX
    • 108 - 137MHz (Air Band)
    • 137 - 174MHz (144MHz HAM)
    • 174 - 222MHz (VHF)
    • 222 - 420MHz (GEN1)
    • 420 - 470MHz (430MHz HAM)
    • 470 - 580MHz (UHF Band)
  • TX: 144 - 146MHz, 430 - 440MHz
  • Circuit Type: NFM/ AM:Double-Conversion Superheterodyne, FM /AM Radio: Direct-Conversion
  • Modulation Type: F1D, F2D, F3E, F7W
  • RF Power Output: 5W/ 2.5W/ 1W/ 0.3W (@ Battery pack or EXT DC)
  • Memory Channels: 1256
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX5
  • Case Size (W x H x D) and weight: 62 x 100 x 32.5 mm (w/ SBR-14LI, w/o Knob & Antenna) 282g (w/ SBR-14LI and Antenna).


Official announcement

Manual FT-3DE


Available in June

Spezielle Offerte !!!! 399.- CHF

FTDX101D 100W / FTDX101MP 200W HF/50MHz All Mode SDR High-Class Transceiver

Uncompromising RF Design resulting in the Best Performance. Down-Conversion that provides sharperst adjacent QRM reduction. Hybrid SDR: Narrow Bandwidth SDR & Direct Sampling SDR.

  • 9MHz IF Roofing Filter Producting Excellent Shape Factor
  • 400MHz High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer (HRDDS) for outstanding Local-Oscillator Performance
  • Hybrid SDR configuration with Narrow Bandwidth SDR and Direct Sampling SDR
  • 18 bit A/D Converter Narrow Bandwidth SDR provides high performance digital data processing
  • Frequency automatic adjustment RF Preselectror with high precision stepping motor provides maximum attenuation of -70dB
  • Yaesu Renowned Interference Reduction Systems (WIDTH / SHIFT / NOTCH / CONTOUR / DNR / DNF / APF)
  • MAIN and SUB Dual Receivers with Completely Independent from RF Front-End to SDR stages
  • Stable 200W TX Operation with 50 VDC Supply (MP version)
  • With external LAN Module (optional)


Manual FTDX101D

Erste FTDX101D Probe !!!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Spezielle Offerte !!!! 3699.- CHF

Extended and Updated "DR-2X Installation Support Program”

including free LAN-01A unit!

If you own a DR-1XE in working conditions and you are willing to switch to the DR-2XE you can trade your old digital repeater in and get an additional € 300.00 cashback.

1'099 .- CHF (inkl. 300.00 Euro Cashback)

Der Kauf muss zwischen den 01/01/2019 und 30/06/2019 erfolgen.





WIRES-X Portable Digital Node Station


Using the WIRES-X Portable Digital Node function, you can operate a WIRES-X digital node station by directly connecting a Portable Digital Node capable C4FM digital transceiver with the PC. The HRI-200 Internet interface kit is not needed, and no fixed or dynamic global IP address is required.)

Transceivers supported for Portable digital node station operation

• FT2D (or Firmware update)
• FTM-100D (or Firmware update)
• FTM-400XD (or Firmware update)
• FTM-400D (Requires Firmware update)

The latest WIRES-X Software and Transceiver Firmware

• WIRES-X Software: Ver.1.510 or later
• FT2D           MAIN: Ver.3.10 or later, SUB: Ver.2.01 or later, DSP: Ver.4.31 or later
• FTM-100D    MAIN: Ver.2.40 or later, PANEL: Ver.2.10 or later, DSP: Ver.4.31 or later
• FTM-400XD  MAIN: Ver.4.40 or later, DSP: Ver.4.31 or later
• FTM-400D    MAIN: Ver.3.40 or later, DSP: Ver.4.31 or later

Connection Cable

Depending on the transceiver used for the portable digital node station, one of the following connecting cables is required:

SCU-39 WIRES-X Connection Cable Kit (Option)
(The SCU-39 includes SCU-19 and CT-44, and two audio cables)

FTM-100D, FTM-400XD/D:
For Portable Digital Node Mode (Internet communication with C4FM digital stations)
• SCU-20 PC Connection Cable (Supplied with FTM-100D or FTM-400XD/D)

For Portable HRI Mode (Internet communication with both C4FM Digital and Analog Stations)
SCU-40 Connection Cable (Option)
(The SCU-40 includes SCU-20 and audio cable)

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