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MB1 Prime + ATU - SDR Transceiver HF/6m/VHF

  • PC+TRX in one box
  • 100W HF, 50W VHF
  • Remote control
  • Motherboard - GA-IMB310TN
  • CPU - Intel® Core™ i7-9700
  • RAM - 16 GB DDR4
  • SSD - Samsung 970 EVO 500 GB
  • TX IMD3 up to ~37 dB
  • High Pass Filter (HPF) for VHF (optional)


Review from Pascal VA2PV


VHF High Pass Filters unit for MB1

Additional High Pass Filter (HPF) for VHF with pass frequency 100 MHz


SunSDR2 DX - SDR 100W Transceiver HF/6m/VHF

  • 160 MHz, 16-bit ADC
  • 100W HF, 50W 6M, 8W VHF
  • The best for contest
  • HPF for VHF (100 MHz) and LPF for HF (70 MHz)

SunSDR2 PRO - SDR Transceiver HF/6m/VHF

  • 160 MHz, 16-bit ADC
  • 20W HF, 8W VHF
  • The best for contest
  • Remote control



ColibriDDC - SDR Receiver HF/6m

  • 125 MHz, 14-bit ADC
  • 24-bit audio DAC
  • 2 RXs - 312 kHz each
  • Remote control



HF Band Pass Filters unit for ColibriDDC receiver

HF Band Pass Filters unit for ColibriDDC receiver


ColibriNANO RF ADC 14-bit 122.88Msps Direct Sampling SDR-based receiver

  • Frequency Range: 9 kHz - 55 MHz
  • Bandscope: 62.5 MHz
  • Spectrum: 48 - 3072 kHz
  • Blocking Dynamic Range: 110 dB
  • IMD3 Dynamic range: 95 dB
  • Attenuator: -31  +6dB (0.5dB steps)
  • Input filter: Low-pass 55 MHz


Three ways how to work with the ColibriNANO


Tuner AAT-100

Automatic Antenna Tuner AAT-100 was designed for SunSDR2 DX transceivers. Allowed SWR level is up to 5 (resistance level in a range from 15 up to 300 Ohm)


WiFi Module for SunSDR2 PRO

Optional wireless LAN unit for SunSDR2 PRO


E-coder EP SDR Control panel E-coder

SDR control panel is intended to control SDR-transceiver. It allows to control the transceiver by tuning knob, provides controlling the bandwidths, modulation types, filters and many other functions included into SDR - programs

Resolution 256ppr


E-coder EP SDR Control panel E-coder 2

E-Coder2 is the control panel of the new generation with an HQ built-in stereo audio codec 24 bit with 114 dB dynamic range

Resolution 1024ppr


Hardware control panel E-coder mini (Kit)

Hardware control panel E-Coder Mini is a perfect budget choice and fully functional analog of large E-Coder panel. Note! Setting the buttons and additional N-coders is done self-sufficiently


Foot switch PTT

Footswitch is intended to switch SunSDR transceiver to TX-mode. Cable’s length - 2.0 m, Jack - 6,3mm. Hard flexible cable. Convenient execution


EXTCTRL РТТ cable for MB1

Use this cable to connect the РТТ-line of the МВ1 transceiver to an external power amplifier (PA). With the help of this cable, МВ1 transceiver switches an external PA to TX mode


MD-15 Microphone for SunSDR



  • Adapter mini-UHF-Stecker/PL-Buchse
  • Adapter mini-UHF-Stecker/BNC-Buchse
  • Adapter mini-UHF-Stecker/N-Buchse
  • Adapter SMA-Stecker / N-Buchse
  • Adapter SMA-Stecker / PL-Buchse
  • Adapter SMA-Stecker / BNC-Buchse
  • Adapterkabel RG-316 SMA-Stecker/N-Buchse 30cm
  • Adapterkabel H-155 SMA-Stecker/N-Buchse 30cm
  • Adapterkabel H-155 SMA-Stecker/BNC-Buchse 30cm
  • Adapterkabel RG-316 SMA-Stecker/SMA-Stecker 15cm
  • Adapterkabel RG-316 SMA-Stecker/SMA-Stecker 30cm


Prod.Nbr.ProductPrice CHF
Price EUR
(rest of EU)
MB1_Prime_ATUMB1 Prime - SDR Transceiver HF/6m/VHF mit ATU5900.-on request.-*
HFPxMB1Additional VHF High Pass Filter (HPF) for MB1199.-on request.-*
SunSDR2_DXSunSDR2 DX - SDR Transceiver HF/6m/VHF 100W2199.-on request.-*
SunSDR2_PROSunSDR2 PRO - SDR Transceiver HF/6m/VHFTBD.-on request.-*
ColibriDDCColibriDDC - SDR Receiver HF/6mTBD.-on request.-*
ColibriDDC_ BPF_kitHF Band Pass Filters unit for ColibriDDC receiver270.-on request.-*
ColibriDDC_ BPF_kit_montageHF Band Pass Filters unit for ColibriDDC receiver montage30.-on request.-*
ColibriNANOColibriNANO RF ADC 14-bit 122.88Msps Direct Sampling SDR-based receiver299.-on request.-*
AAT-100Automatic Antenna Tuner AAT-100 for SunSDR2 DX420.-on request.-*
SUNSDR-WIFIWiFi Module for SUNSDR2 PRO99.-on request.-*
SUNSDR-WIFI_montageWiFi Module for SUNSDR2 PRO montage30.-on request.-*
E-coderE-coder EP SDR Control panel E-coder299.-on request.-*
E-coder_2E-coder EP SDR Control panel E-coder 2 (1024 rpm) with sound card490.-on request.-*
E-coder_miniE-coder EP SDR Control panel E-coder mini (Kit)129.-on request.-*
PTT_Foot_switchFoot switch designed for switching your transceiver to TX mode49.-on request.-*
EXTCTRL_PTT_cableEXTCTRL PTT cable can be used for switching an external PA to TX mode. Compatible with MB1/SunSDR2/SunSDR2PRO/SunSDR2QRP29.-on request.-*
MD-15Microphone for SunSDR39.-on request.-*
mini-UHF-S/PL-B_coaxCoaxial Cable Mini UHF-HF (PL259)29.-on request.-*
mini-UHF-S/PL-BAdapter mini-UHF-Stecker/PL-Buchse9.-on request.-*
mini-UHF-S/BNC-BAdapter mini-UHF-Stecker/BNC-Buchse9.-on request.-*
mini-UHF-S/N-BAdapter mini-UHF-Stecker/N-Buchse9.-on request.-*
SDR_SMA-S/N-BAdapter SMA-Stecker / N-Buchse7.-on request.-*
SDR_SMA-S/PL-BAdapter SMA-Stecker / PL-Buchse7.-on request.-*
SDR_SMA-S/BNC-BAdapter SMA-Stecker / BNC-Buchse7.-on request.-*
SDR_ADP_RG316-SMA-S/N-B_30Adapterkabel RG-316 SMA-Stecker/N-Buchse 30cm19.-on request.-*
SDR_ADP_H155-SMA-S/N-B_30Adapterkabel H-155 SMA-Stecker/N-Buchse 30cm22.-on request.-*
SDR_ADP_H155-SMA-S/BNC-B_30Adapterkabel H-155 SMA-Stecker/BNC-Buchse 30cm22.-on request.-*
SDR_ADP_RG316-SMA-S/SMA-S_15Adapterkabel RG-316 SMA-Stecker/SMA-Stecker 15cm17.-on request.-*
SDR_ADP_RG316-SMA-S/SMA-S_30Adapterkabel RG-316 SMA-Stecker/SMA-Stecker 30cm16.-on request.-*

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*excl. 7,7% Swiss und Liechtenstein VAT and shipping fees
FREE shipment for orders over 1000.- CHF (CH only)