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RTSystems YPS-FT3D-USB wieder verfügbar !!!

RTSystems YPS-FT3D-USB wieder verfügbar !!!




YPS-FT3D-USB Programming Software and USB-68 cable for FT-3D

RT Systems YPS-FT3D-USB Programming software makes it easy to manage memory channel information and other menu settings of the Yaesu FT-3D



Remote Control with a LAN or INTERNET connection
Expand Operating to Remote Locations

Verfügbarkeit: Mitte Mai 2020

YAESU FTM-300DE 50W C4FM/FM 144/430MHz Dual-Band Digital Mobile Transceiver

YAESU FTM-300DE 50W C4FM/FM 144/430MHz Dual-Band Digital Mobile Transceiver

Digitaler und analoger Dualband-VHF/UHF-Transceiver C4FM/FM mit 50 WHF-Ausgangsleistung und einem 66-Kanal-Hochgeschwindigkeits-GPS.
Ausgestattet mit einem hochauflösenden 2-Zoll-QVGA-Farbdisplay.
Echter Dual-Band-Betrieb dank zweier unabhängiger Empfänger mit gleichzeitiger A- und B-Band-Monitorfunktion in C4FM. WiRES-XKonnektivität als tragbarer digitaler Knoten und fester Knoten.

C4FM/FM digital and analog dual band VHF/UHF transceiver, with 50W RF power output and a 66 channel high speed GPS. Equipped with high resolution 2-inch QVGA coloured display. Real Dual Band
operations thanks to two independent receivers with simultaneous A and B band monitor function in C4FM. WiRES-X connectivity as Portable Digital Node and Fixed Node.

Verfügbarkeit: Mitte Mai 2020

New FT3DE Firmware !!!

Ham Radio | Signalink + Yaesu 891 + WSJT + FT8 Digital on Raspberry Pi 4

Erste FTDX101MP in EU jetzt Verfügbar !!!

FTDX101MP 200W HF/50MHz All Mode SDR High-Class Transceiver

Uncompromising RF Design resulting in the Best Performance. Down-Conversion that provides sharperst adjacent QRM reduction. Hybrid SDR: Narrow Bandwidth SDR & Direct Sampling SDR.

  • 9MHz IF Roofing Filter Producting Excellent Shape Factor
  • 400MHz High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer (HRDDS) for outstanding Local-Oscillator Performance
  • Hybrid SDR configuration with Narrow Bandwidth SDR and Direct Sampling SDR
  • 18 bit A/D Converter Narrow Bandwidth SDR provides high performance digital data processing
  • Frequency automatic adjustment RF Preselectror with high precision stepping motor provides maximum attenuation of -70dB
  • Yaesu Renowned Interference Reduction Systems (WIDTH / SHIFT / NOTCH / CONTOUR / DNR / DNF / APF)
  • MAIN and SUB Dual Receivers with Completely Independent from RF Front-End to SDR stages
  • Stable 200W TX Operation with 50 VDC Supply
  • With external LAN Module (optional)


Manual FTDX101MP

Jetzt Verfügbar !!!

Spezielle Offerte !!!! 4'799.- CHF

Protect our Amateur Radio Bands !!!

The 2 Meter Amateur Radio Band (144-146MHz) is under Threat due to a proposal from France during the World Radio Conference 2019 meeting that the 2 Meter band should be allocated as a Aeronautical Band.

We, the Radio Amateurs find this totally unacceptable that a harmonized worldwide primary user band for Radio Amateurs is being proposed to be used as a Aeronautical Band as it is meant to be a 'protected' band for Radio Amateurs.

We want the CEPT to reconsider the proposal from France.

Amateur Radio is still a strong and ongoing hobby for 100 years and we must preserve and protect our hobby

New SunSDR2 DX !!!


The SunSDR2 DX transceiver based on the well known SunSR2 PRO transceiver with several hardware impovements. A 100W HF, 50W 6M, 8W VHF transceiver, very compact, with a separate connector for active cooling and an improved supply system, perfectly suited for DXpeditions. Separated GPS/GLONASS antenna and ATU connectors. improved hardware along with the ExpertSDR2 software makes it the perfect base station, an evident choice for a true contester!

Hardware Improvements

  • Improved suppy system. less heating and power consumption
  • HPF for VHF (100 MHz) and LPF for HF (70 MHz)
  • Better VHF LNA chip - PGA103+
  • Sturdy DIP-type ExtCtrl connector
  • Improved PCB design


  • 2 HF antenna connectors and a separate VHF connector
  • ExtCTRL connector to control external devices with with 8 powerful keys with open collector
  • ALC connector for external power amplifiers
  • Supports use of VHF transverters
  • Operating Manual
  • 100W HF; 50W; 8W 2M
  • Professional TX processing module
  • TCI interface
  • Remote control -RX and TX
  • SO2R/SO2V modes
  • 10 ms CW MON delay
  • High-performance DSP module
  • User friendly ExpertSDR2 software
  • Windows, macOS and Linux support


Available September - November

Erste FTDX101D ab 3. mai 2019 !!!!!!!!!

Spezielle Offerte 3699.- CHF


Hello, everyone!

Here is the April newsletter

Today we've published the ExpertSDR2 1.3.0 Beta 1 for all our devices. All changes are mentioned in the Release Notes, as always. We thank everyone who shared his opinion about new software.

The purpose of ALPHA/BETA/RC versions of the software is to collect user's feedback on the new features and to locate possible issues which could be missed while internal testing. These versions may have bugs, which will be fixed in further software releases.




We'd like to welcome you to the Hamvention 2019, it will be held May 17, 18 and 19, at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center. You can find us in the Building 4 Volta, booths 4211-4212.

Hamvention 2019

We are happy to inform macOS users, that from now on MacLoggerDX supports TCI. Quote from MacLoggerDX developer Don Agro, VE3VRW, regarding the published beta with TCI support: "Preliminary testing has been done on all radios but it is still a beta - if you run into problems please enable Debug Log in the Radio prefs, attempt to connect and then Email Debug Log from the File menu including a screen-shot of your Radio prefs".




Last March Enzo, IW7DMH, made a very interesting, short video where you can see two different ways to setup a basic SO2R contest station.

SO2R Contest Station

In a previous newsletter I shared a couple of educational videos about SDR by David Kennett, W8KFJ. Since then he released the third and final one.

SDR School Part 3 Software Puts it all Together



We'd like to thank Werner Schnorrenberg, DC4KU, for his detailed report about the three ways how to work with the ColibriNANO, on English and German:

  • connect it via USB with the Notebook/PC (Standard)
  • connect it via Raspberry and LAN/WLAN with the Notebook or Smartphone/Tablet in your home network
  • connect it via Raspberry to the internet (www)
    English German

Those who are interested to be an alpha/beta tester please let me know, I can send you the download link as soon as any preview/alpha/beta/RC version (BE AWARE IT'S MOST PROBABLY BUGGY) will be available.




We created a new page Bug report for the Alpha/Beta/RC to help us synchronize your feedback for the published Alpha/Beta/RC versions of the ExpertSDR2. On this page we'll list all known and reported bugs for the latest published software version.

Bug report

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